2018 Performers

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  • Cris Williamson
    Cris Williamson
    Cris' music, it was like hearing honey dripped on a cello... Cris has been a whole lot of women's heroes!
  • Gaye Adegbalola and The Wild Rūtz
    Gaye Adegbalola and The Wild Rūtz
    The Rutz combine their four distinct voices to present a humorous, informative, harmonious, uplifting and entertaining show. An a cappella blues quartet complimented by percussion and occasional guitar.
  • Lucie Blue Tremblay
    Lucie Blue Tremblay
    Celebrating the release of her new CD "Counting My Blessings"
  • Sharon Katz
    Sharon Katz
    From South Africa, bringing music of unity.
  • Katy Guillen and The Girls
    Katy Guillen and The Girls
    Authentic, authoritative rock band...rooted heavily in the blues!
  • The Blu Janes
    The Blu Janes
    Positive hip hop for your soul to your soles.
  • Audra Sergel
    Audra Sergel
    Lives to tell stories of life, love, and beauty through her music.
  • Kate Peterson
    Kate Peterson
    You may remember her as one-half of the pleasantly aggressive folk duo Nervous but Excited - Kate is going to bring the same love + a soul-refined sound to the NWMF stage.
  • Leela and Ellie Grace
    Leela and Ellie Grace
    “Leela’s and Ellie’s singing is clear, pitch- perfect, and expressive. ‘Soaring’ is a word that comes to mind.”
  • Pamela Means
    Pamela Means
    Means plays a snarling, energetic guitar. She's got chops, her voice is hard-wired to her heart: emotional, raw, angry when it needs to be, yet supple and warm as an embrace. The truth may not always be pretty, but Means is a stunningly effective messenger."
  • Yael Deckelbaum
    Yael Deckelbaum
    Yael has written and composed the song “Prayer of The Mothers”, that turned into the anthem of the march of hope, lead by the movement “Women Wage Peace”
  • Nia and Ness
    Nia and Ness
    Winners of the 2017 NWMF Emerging Artist Contest
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