2017 Performers

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  • Babe! An Olympian Musical
    Babe! An Olympian Musical
    The 2017 National Women’s Music Festival will showcase the score of a new musical about athlete Babe Didrikson!
  • Zrazy
    Maria and Carole combine a lyrical sensitivity with pop/dance delights, a love of electronic blips and bleeps with the musical freedom of jazz.
  • Suzanne Westenhoefer
    Suzanne Westenhoefer
    She charges boldly onto the stage and what happens is always a mystery and a delight.
  • Linda Tillery & the Womanly Way Reunion Band
    Linda Tillery & the Womanly Way Reunion Band
    40th Anniversary of Womanly Way Tour
  • Ferron with Barbara Higbie
    Ferron with Barbara Higbie
    One of the most influential lyrical songwriters of the women's music circuit.
  • MazzMuse
    It is the freedom of Rock, the depth of Soul, the precision of classical, with the hope and angst of modern day protest songs.
  • Pura Fe’
    Pura Fe’ heir to the Tuscarora Indian Nation, is an artist, an activist, and much more.
    Not the stiff king of perfection but the natural perfection that is connected to nature.
  • Mimi Gonzalez
    Mimi Gonzalez
    a road-tested, high-octane comedian who takes the audience on a wild ride from the profound to the profane.
  • Women of the Harlem Renaissance
    Women of the Harlem Renaissance
    Featuring; Jorjet Harper, Dr. C.C. Carter and Nedra Johnson
  • Barbara Higbie
    Barbara Higbie
    A Grammy-nominated, Bammy award winning composer, pianist, fiddler, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; and has performed on more than 100 albums.
  • Violet and the Undercurrents
    Violet and the Undercurrents
    ...this Columbia Missouri quartet can shape-shift to become sleek pop-rock or something spry and jazz-kissed...
  • Irene Tu
    Irene Tu
    In 2016, she was named one of the “Bay Area’s 11 Best Stand Up Comedians” by the SFist and one of 20 “Women to Watch” by KQED.
  • Chelsey Danielle
    Chelsey Danielle
    Percussionist, Singer Songwriter, Performer, and Educator.
  • Carole Walker and Helen Yee
    Carole Walker and Helen Yee
    "Folky Soul, Funky at heart"
  • Jorian Oxygen
    Jorian Oxygen
    They speak their truth through strong lyrics and enticing melodies.
  • Bonnie Morris, Ph.D. – Keynote Speaker
    Bonnie Morris, Ph.D. – Keynote Speaker
    Professor. Author. Speaker. Historian.
  • Margie Adam
    Margie Adam
    Sweet Friend of mine - it took so long to find you...
  • Renee Janski
    Renee Janski
    Her Rollicking Solo shows are hilarious and thoughtful and keep her audiences thoroughly entertained!
  • DJ – Ellen Bonjorno
    DJ – Ellen Bonjorno
    DJ Ellen...spinning tunes for Friday's Dance
  • Kiya Heartwood
    Kiya Heartwood
    Director of the Folk Orchestra
  • B. Wahru Cleveland and Rani Quimba
    B. Wahru Cleveland and Rani Quimba
    Leaders of the Drum Chorus
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